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We’re seeking merit badge counselors who can devote a couple of hours on one Saturday a month to teach classes at the library. Please pass the word onto anyone you know who may be of help.

All for Books

Help build the library collection through the generosity of Scholastic Books through Lakeview Academy located on 400 N (across the street from Neptune Park).

Lakeview Academy is excited about a program called All for Books™. Our primary goal with this program is to help build reading skills throughout the community, by putting more books into the hands of children via our Saratoga Springs Library. 

100% of the money raised from the program will go to buying books for the Saratoga Springs Library. In addition, for every dollar raised, Scholastic will donate 1 book to a charity that puts books into the homes of needy children.

You can donate money at the Library, or you can visit the book fair at Lakeview Academy and make donations there. The Book Fair will run Feb24th-Feb28th starting at 8am.

Thank you for your support!

Allison Warner (Book Fair Chairperson)

Expanding hours = Growing attendance

Beginning March 1st, patrons attending a Saratoga Springs library program MUST have their library card with them. With  increasing numbers of attendees, the library is not large enough to house such growing attendance. Some programs may to be limited to 20 children, due to lack of space. Be sure you show up early to ensure a spot.

Enter to win Mother/Daughter Book Club Books for our library.


cover to cover imageAt Saratoga
Springs Public Library
beginning the 1st of March!

Stop by your local library to sign up for the In-N-Out Cover to Cover Reading Club. Sign up begins on March 1st.

Read five books and get a certificate for a free hamburger or cheeseburger.

 All kids ages 4-12 are eligible to participate. 

If children are unable to read themselves, their parent may read five books to them.

For every five books read, the child will receive a Cover to Cover club Achievement Award.

 Earn up to three certificates per child, while supplies last. See a librarian for more details.
 Program runs 3/1 thru 4/12.

Short Survey

We want to know what you think!
Only 7 questions and an opportunity to put in words (anonymously) your hopes for the library.

Complete the online survey at

Bilingual Story Time

Mondays, 6:00 p.m.
Beginning March 3rd 

Saratoga Springs Library

la hora del cuento bilingüe

Los lunes a las 6:00 p.m.

En la biblioteca de Saratoga Springs

Friends of the Libray

For only $25/year, less than the cost of a monthly magazine subscription, join the Friends of the Library. Any monies raised by the Friends of the Library go directly to materials and library programming.

Interested in providing more support for the library and its programming? Learn more at http://sslibraryfriends.org/home/. Join Friends of the Library, our 501(c)3 fundraising and promotion organization.

Contact Larry Whiting (801-376-4280) with any questions.

EReaders, Digital Audio books available

Just a little fact for our residents, the library has access to 30,062 books. Of those books over 5,535 of them are available online through the Pioneer Database. These online books are provided to us through the state. The online titles are purchased through the state, requiring no funding on our part. However, they’re available for all of our library cardholders to check out. 5 items can be checked out at a time to a Nook, Kindle, Ipad/pod, smartphone, desktop, laptop, mp3 players and tablets. Visit http://pioneer.utah.gov/home.html.


We’re seeking merit badge counselors who can devote a couple of hours on one Saturday a month to teach classes at the library. Please pass the word onto anyone you know who may be of help.

Rocketry Enthusiasts

Whether you are working on scouting achievements or just wanting to have fun, launching rockets will take you there!
9-11:00am on Saturday March 1st - Saratoga Springs City Council Chambers (upstairs)
9-11:00 am on Saturday, March 8th  - Neptune Park
Contact Mark Cheney for any questions:
youthrocketry @gmail.com

Meets all the requirements of the Space Exploration Merit Badge
-Requirements 3 (build) can be done at home
-Requirements 5 & 7 are homework; presentation time after class is available

Cost is $20: includes materials to build and launch a model rocket.
A Special Story time to coincide
with Harvest Hills February Book Bingo 
Every Thursday in February at 4:00
in the Saratoga Springs Public Library
6th - Winter
13th - Poetry
20th - Science & Math
27th - Fairy Tales

Help us plan for the future

Long Range Planning Meeting

Monday, February 10th
6:00 p.m. 

1307 N. Commerce Drive
Saratoga Springs City Council Chambers

Please bring with you a list of your top three (3) priorities for the library.

Complete a survey for the library at :


Your presence and participation speaks volumes for the future of our library. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Thank you for your continued support!